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Products and Services

Customs Agent

Ray Cargo Services Limited is fully licensed by Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) as a Customs Agent. In addition, we are licensed to handle transit shipments by KRA. We have a direct computer Link through KRA’s Simba 2000 system, which enables us to customs clear freight arriving, departing from and through Kenya.
We have retained talented and experienced personnel who ensure accurate declaration and prompt clearance and delivery of every shipment. 

Warehousing and Distribution

Ray Cargo Services Limited can arrange for warehousing facilities in major cities and towns within Kenya based on specific needs of the customer. Such arrangements can be tailor made to suite the requirements of the customer at competitive rates. And this can be done for short term, medium and long term basis. 

We also can arrange for dedicated warehousing solutions as well as high security special arrangements for high value and /or sensitive cargo. 

Ray Cargo Services Limited services include de-stuffing of containerized cargo including tallying, handling in and out of warehouse and verification of unit count. 

Supply Chain Management

Ray Cargo Services Limited is an outsourcing solution for part or all of our clients' supply chain management process. We can efficiently manage our clients' entire supply chain function, or they can just as easily choose one or two of our services that best fit their business requirements. Either way, our supply chain management process is seamless, just the way our customers want it to be. We are reliable, flexible and adaptable while retaining quality and cost control as one solution for supply chain management.

We provide our clients with an efficient, discreet and effective supply chain management process from inception to completion. When you outsource to us, you can focus on what your company does best while you control distribution costs and remain confident that your orders will arrive exactly where you want them – on-time and in good condition. Our supply chain management processes are competitively priced, customized to the company and provide a personalized logistics system.

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